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The Disquiet in Men

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The Empty Success Program (ESP)™

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"I can’t breathe.  I literally can't breathe.  I start to panic because I, see it happened to me after I started [company name], which was the company I started, part of a larger organization, Fortune 500.” “I remember stopping the car outside of Atlanta when I was driving to HR to sign on the dotted line and panicking.  And I almost turned the car around.”.... [I was offered] "a great wage, company care, stock options, health insurance, all the stuff that people go “Oh my God I would die for,” and I stopped the car and thought I can’t go through with this and I started to ... I couldn’t breathe.  I carried on driving and signed on the dotted line, but when I quit three years later it was a huge sense of relief.”

A highly successful man’s description of what his Disquiet ultimately led to after not listening to it.  This was his interview with me as part of my study, “The Disquiet Among Men" (click here for a copy).

Empty Success ™

You know what success in life looks like.  You have all of indicators:  the salary, the position, the relationships, the house, the toys and the investments.  But you aren’t enjoying much of it.  It doesn’t energize and fill you like you always thought it would.  In fact, when you really think about it, it’s kind of draining.  You almost miss the days of the struggle because you felt more alive and more in control.

You have spent a lot of time laying out the strategies to do more, get more and be more.  But you aren’t clear how to feel better about any of it.  How to feel fully in the game still eludes you.  It’s a mystery:  “How does (fill in the name of the guy you know) seem to have it all together and seems to enjoy every bit of it?” 

The truth is, even the other guy may also be suffering but puts on a good show.   Most men aren’t comfortable talking about their Disquiet.  And many don’t know what to do with it other than make drastic change after change with jobs, wives or cars.  Or they anesthetize the pain with diversions and addictions.  And a lot us are good at fooling everyone (and ourselves) that everything is just fine.


"Your description of the Disquiet resonated so deeply.  I’ve yet to meet anybody, unequivocally, anybody in business, including CEOs who are not Disquieted, who have a sense of well being and place."  - Archie Tew, consultant, NM


To solve the mystery for yourself means you need a new map, a new compass and new skills.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Knowing what and how to give back to the word as you implement your legacy rounds out what is needed to live life powerfully, fully and with enjoyment.

disquiet in men

The Empty Success Program (ESP)™:

The Empty Success Program™ is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will help you build your internal navigation system, chart your course and give you the skills to having the life you have worked so hard to get.  We will engage your brain, your heart and your gut in this learning.  That’s the way it sticks and that is the way you get powerful results. 

You won’t be alone!  You will join a small private and exclusive community of other accomplished men doing exactly what you are doing.  You will support each other both in the program and long after through life-long bonds you will make.  You will also be working with me in private coaching sessions.  You will benefit from the teaching and support of members of my team, each an expert in the specialized components for your program.  They are as committed as I am in supporting, teaching and guiding you in your adventure!  And you will have the support of your spouse, partner or family.  They will know what you are engaged in and how to support you. You can read more here.


Dave brings an unprecedented and powerful technical methodology.  Dave is grounded in what I believe is the most powerful coaching methodology there is.  He has a great facility with a complex model of understanding human beings and the process of change.  So Dave’s clients enjoy the fruits of an intellectual rigor and a very clear and transformative methodology that is almost unheard of in the coaching world.-Leslie Williams, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation


The Empty Success Program™   features:

  1. A one of a kind program that combines a safe environment for deep personal work, fun, relaxation and collegiality among like-spirited men
  2. The ESP runs twice a year (click for schedule)
  3. The entire program is 10 months long (but only 3 weekends away from home)
  4. 6-8 participants per program
  5. Private coaching in regular scheduled sessions between modules
  6. Travel to weekend modules that are in different geographic locations that are carefully selected to support what is happening in your program.  (click for additional details)
  7. 3 weekend modules where you work together as a group
  8. Your spouse or partner accompanies you to the final weekend module and is involved in special support sessions
  9. A team of specialists to provide personal training in certain skills
  10. Specialized family support program (click here for details)


The Empty Success Program™ addresses the following:

  1. The mystery of your own Disquiet and how to engage it
  2. The secret of mastery through practices that will give you maximum effectiveness in the most important areas of your life
  3. An accurate early warning system for alerting you and getting you back on your personally charted course
  4. A way to bring the relationships you care about with you as your life changes.
  5. The link between giving back in your own way to the world and living a fully expressed life


Take on your Disquiet! Harness its wisdom and begin to really live the life you want and deserve.  My best wishes for your success!

Dave Schoof

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