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The Disquiet in Men

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Family Support

The Specialized Family Support Services (FSS) Program:


What happens to your loved ones while you change?
Will you still love them? Will they still fit in your life? That is what they will be worried about.


People undergoing major growth and development often experience tension in the family as they change. Click here for an article about this and learn what you need to know and do for those you love while you transform.


The FSS is for clients who work with me in the two premier coaching programs: Engaging the Disquiet Coaching Program and the Empty Success Program™. As part of your coaching, my clients learn how to support their families while they go through some pretty significant changes.


When my clients start their coaching program, they are told the following:

You are beginning a coaching program through which you will change. You will be replacing some old ways of moving through life with new ways of seeing and acting. The core you will not be changed. In fact, it will be more visible to the outside world, but sometimes that can be disorientating. It can also be a big adjustment for both you and those closest to you.”


The FSS is comprised of 5 booklets containing specific information, exercises, tips and strategies. Each is sent to the client at strategic points in your coaching program to provide “just in time” support.


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