Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

The Disquiet in Men

Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

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Are you ready to learn what your own Disquiet has to tell you? This is the key to working with your unease. Learn how to harvest its messages that will help you chart a new course to living life fully and powerfully. This is a proven approach I use with my coaching clients. You can start – now. You receive daily lessons for the 6 days. You work on them alone and at your pace. This is a great way to ‘test the waters’ in working with your Disquiet.

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5. Read archived posts

There is an entire library of articles rich in insights, tips and strategies for working with your Disquiet. Learn the latest on what I am uncovering in my ongoing study that contains interviews with men form all around the world. You will learn form their experiences and take support in the fact that you are not alone.

These articles cover issues around the Disquiet that affect your work, your family, and the other important areas of your life. Learn about the secrets to navigating major change. Receive coaching to help you create the life you want.

Learn how to support your family with struggling with your sense of unease. Discover the sources of the midlife crisis and how even though there are lots of jokes about it – it’s not funny. There are even articles focusing on your loved ones and how they can support you.

The archive list is updated automatically so you will always see the most complete listing.


This is a map to a good start in learning more about your Disquiet and what you can do with it. When you are ready for the next step, contact me and we can discuss the best way forward. Let’s talk soon!Be well,