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The Disquiet in Men

Working with men as they engage the disquiet in their lives

Individual Coaching Packages

Have you ever tried to change your golf or tennis game?

If so, you know how hard it is to do so when you cannot see your stance, swing, or how your body moves.

You need someone to help see what you can’t see and offer adjustments you would have never known to make. 

You need help.  This is where I come in.  You can read about my qualifications here.  I offer coaching programs of different intensity levels to fit your needs.

The different coaching programs:

(Click on each description for additional information)

  1. Engaging the Disquiet Coaching Program
  2. Quick Fire-Fighting Sessions
  3. Tactical Tune-up Sessions

Engaging the Disquiet Coaching Program

man thinkingIf you are serious about working with your Disquiet to stop what isn’t working and get the life you want, you want the “Engaging the Disquiet Coaching Program”.  It has these features:

  • Duration:  6 months
  • Custom program design
  • Includes frequent scheduled meetings, in-between phone and email support
  • Includes 1 Tactical Tune-up coaching session (see below) for use of up to one year after the coaching ends!
  • Specialized support to the family (click here for addditional information)


“Dave brings to coaching some outstanding natural gifts.  Dave understands people on a deeper level than anyone else I know.  He has an inherent ability to “get” people on every level – cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual.”

“The impact of this gift is that people feel deeply known, perhaps for the first time to that degree.  On top of being known, people feel safe and accepted with Dave.  People spontaneously comment on this about him.”

“He is also an amazing asker of questions.  Often when Dave asks a question, you can see the other person tilt their heads, as if they were leaning into something about themselves they hadn’t yet heard.  And he has a way of asking the question that is just adjacent to where they are living now.  He doesn’t come crashing in with questions that are so penetrating or challenging that the client resists going there.”~Leslie Williams, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation


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Quick Fire-Fighting Sessions

If you don’t think you are ready for or want a full program, but want some help getting out of the quicksand of a particular problem, you can ask for “Quick Fire-Fighting Sessions”.  It has these features:

  • Quick Help for help getting unstuck
  • Billed in 2 session sets


“Outstanding 3 hours!  One of the most productive discussions of my career in any venue.  Too much valuable stuff to list here but it all worked!”~ Senior executive with NSA

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Tactical Tune-up Sessions

For those of you who have been through coaching already and just want a quick session here and there to adjust your course or fine tune a practice, ask for: “Tactical Tune-up Sessions”.  The features are:

  • For men who have been coached by me
  • and need quick help for specific situations
  • or to tune up a skill learned in earlier coaching program
  • Billed at a reasonable hourly rate


“Dave Schoof was phenomenal – I walked out of our session pumped and ready for more.  I left [the session] on Friday ready to take on the world!”~Senior executive with a US federal agency

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Check out the case study of how I worked with one man’s Disquiet in a coaching program. Click here.


Pricing information for the different programs is available when you contact me to discuss which program fits your needs.


Do not worry if you cannot figure out which program is for you.  We can explore that together.  This is just to give you an idea of the programs in general.  Whatever program we chose for you, it is totally designed to fit your needs.

Contact me for further details:  Fill out the box below to request a meeting by phone.  In that meeting, we will discuss your unique situation, what program would be the best fit and the costs involved. 

I limit the number of people I work with to ensure that each person I work with gets my very best.  As a result, occasionally, I might have to delay the start of a program.  If I am overbooked, I frequently will start a waiting list.  So if you are leaning towards coaching, don’t wait to contact me!

You can expect to start seeing positive changes almost immediately.  

Contact me today!

Dave Schoof

Thanks! I will get back to you shortly! Meanwhile, make sure you have signed up for the Study, click here, and checked out my blog.