Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

The Disquiet in Men

Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

I can change how you see the world in 6 minutes

What we focus on in our lives creates our world. We tend to think that view is the total reality. Every once in a while, something you see or experience shakes up that world view. It is like jumping awake after we doze off. We are startled. Things look different. Things are different.

Working with the Disquiet requires shaking up our world view. We change what we are focused on. Expanding it to include a new view is like increasing the bandwidth. It allows us to see things that were impossible to see before. So the first key step is changing our view.

Here is an example. Check out this 6 minute video. It will change how you see the world and your place in it. We are living at an amazing point in our history. Change, driven by technological developments, is moving at such a rate that how life will be in just 10 years is unimaginable. A lot of the technology that will be available then doesn’t even exist yet.

So what are the implications for changing your world view and seeing what is possible?

This 6 minute video will change how you view the world and the pace of change in our lifetimes. And the internet is at the center of this globalization.
03:37 – March 08, 2007

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8 Responses to “I can change how you see the world in 6 minutes”

  1. Fab 5 on Friday 03/09/07 - Spirituality Applied to Life - Balanced Life Center Says:

    […] Finally, Dave changed the way I see the world in just 6 minutes! […]

  2. Stuart Baker Says:

    Wow, Dave. This is sobering indeed. Kind of painful.

    Left me just being quiet and wanting to be connected to my heart and the hearts of others most of all.

    Be well.

  3. Dave Schoof Says:

    I wonder what the pain is from? It is sobering and I think sometimes really getting the sense of how fast things are developing can be frightening.

    I also find it hopeful. It is amazing to be alive at this time. We are on the cusp of some really huge evolutionary leaps.

  4. Mindfulness Maverick Says:

    Since Shift Happens it appears essential to learn how to comfortably deal with uncertainty. I think the competitive edge of the future will be the use of creativity.

  5. Stuart Baker Says:

    Dave, I think the pain I felt relates mostly to the explosion of technology, which can be used for good, like this blog! It can also be a source of separation if we do not use it well.

    I think I also feel pain with facts like the numbers of children who die every day from starvation and untreated illness, while the population still takes off.

    So it seems all the more important to follow the disquiet to where it wants to deepen us and have us reach out.

    It is also an exciting time to be alive in the world!

    Thanks again for the great forum you have established and your really worthwhile posts.

    Be well.

  6. Stuart Baker Says:

    An added note for Jason: I think that is an important point about being comfortable with uncertainty. I heard a story about the wisdom of “wearing the world like a loose coat”. Sounds like great advice.

  7. Dave Schoof Says:

    MM – sure makes a case for your services – how to live mindfully. Being centered in the state of flux is key. Can you imagine if we were able to teach our children to do that while they are learning the key skills for their future?!?!

  8. Dave Schoof Says:

    Stuart – yes – that is painful. I am also hopeful that with this new leap we are poised to take, a lot of the old problems will be addressed. We cannot afford to ignore them any longer. Like global warming, famine, lack of water, overpopulation and poverty will bring demand creative responses.

    And I am optimistic when I see our young folks today. I am blown away by the quality of who they are and what they value.

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