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Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

The Power of Practice



Whenever I hear that word, I flash back my mom and my music teacher screaming that order. I am 9 and chained to a piano doing scales and tapping out the song “As the saints go marching in” over and over….and over. “Blahhhhhh!”

There must be some kind of karma thing to this for me because now the word “practice” is a regular part of my vocabulary.

You will hear me talk a lot about practices. As a coach, I assign practices to clients to help them uncover new ways to work with their coaching issue. It takes regular repetition, self observation and feedback to change a behavior, learn a new skill or change how you operate in the world.

When you are a student learning something new – whether an adult or a kid, you are in that uncomfortable place of feeling wobbly, unsure and a bit bored by the repetition. This is what it means to be in new territory – and learning. Doing something over and over isn’t exciting. But it’s important. It’s the only way for the body and mind to rewire itself and create new muscles, and memories so that the new behavior becomes second nature.

If you ever learned how to hit a ball with a bat, swing a golf club or hit a tennis ball, you know about muscle memory. And you know that muscle memory only came from repetition.

I gave up on the piano, something I regret now. I couldn’t see past the drills. To be able to hang in day in and day out doing a practice, you need to see why you are doing it.

If you do, and if you keep at it, you can obtain amazing results. Check this out from Lyle T Lachmuth’s blog, Creative Careers Unleashed:

Cartoonist and Dilbert creator Scott Adams lost his voice to a rare condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia. Read his own Blog post to see how self designed exercised helped him be the first ever person to recover from this condition. To me a testament to the power of optimism, courage, and ingenuity. Be sure to read the inspiring comments.

Practices designed for human development can obtain great results. We will be exploring different aspects about practices frequently here and in my newsletter. Stay tuned!

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