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The Disquiet in Men

Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

Career Day Roundup

iStock_000002217297Small_tn.jpg I found a lot of great resources this week around career issues. This is a main source of Disquiet for many. A lot of my clients have learned that their Disquiet is a call for change – either the relationship they have with their current job or moving into a new career. Here is some help.

Wesley at LifeTwo writes about Mid Career Transition Myths. This is good – it comes from a writer for Wesley continues with a call for war stories from the trenches in Midlife Career Changes…the Good, Bad & Ugly. You can share your own experiences or check back to read about the experiences of others.

Are doing the interviews a source of angst? Need practice? Here is a very cool way to practice mock interviews – virtually! Kyle Pott at LifeHack tells you how here.

And more help with interviews using NLP techniques from Free Life Coaching.

OK, you have decided you want professional help in finding a new career. You know you want a career coach, but how do you find a good one? Here is a 3 step process for hiring a career coach from the Wall Street Journal. Thanks Wesley!

LifeHack comes in again with 15 things you can do right now to help your career.

Liz over at Success Blog has a great article about 5 reasons people don’t get hired and the 3 questions that count in an interview. Be sure to read the extensive comments in the article – there is a lot of really good wisdom there.

OK, you aced the interview, now how do you negotiate salary? Simple but powerful tips and advice from Smart Lemming.

And if you gotta stay where you are – here’s some hope. Instigator Blog writes about the 7 Ways to Avoid Pointless Meetings. Can you imagine how life could be? Are you sitting in meetings about meetings? Stop the insanity!

Whether you are trying to find ways to breath life back into your current career or you are ready to go into a whole new direction, use the resources on this blog and in this site to support you. Working the career issue is a big part of navigating the Disquiet.

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2 Responses to “Career Day Roundup”

  1. Stuart Baker Says:

    Dave, this is really helpful information, not to mention that there is a vibrant, insipiring energy to this piece. I get a sense of camaraderie and support here. Thanks!

  2. Dave Schoof Says:

    Thanks Stuart! I am glad you are sensing the support here. The community that is building here is coming along really well. Come back often. Your comments nad views are always welcome!

    I checked out what you are doing and it is important and interesting. I will be a regular visitor of your site.

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