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Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

Making the big change – stories from the front

If you haven’t been to for while, I recommend a visit. Wesley and Greg have done an amazing job of building a information-packed community center dealing with midlife issues in all its forms. The subject of changing careers recently came up. Wesley writes:

“Changing careers in middle age is very different than in the life periods before or after. Middle age is traditionally the peak earning period in most people’s careers. It is the time when workers achieve their highest rank, their fattest salaries, and their most prestigious achievements. But it’s also the time that we have perspective on what makes us happy and if our current career path doesn’t entail sufficient satisfaction (or future promise), then for many of us it’s time to make a change.

This is the dilemma I hear from many of my clients. I experienced it myself: A deep itch to change directions but the prospect is terrifying. Some ultimately jump, some don’t. The ones that follow their calling (myself included) don’t have an easy time of it. But most of us experience feeling more aligned and more alive than before.

Those that don’t change, well, some have to deaden their pain to be able to keep plodding. The golden handcuffs of nearing retirement or just needing to feel safe keep their hearts in check.

Wesley has a call out for stories of real experiences. Check them out – reports from the trenches of changing careers. It’s aptly titled, ” The good, bad and ugly“. Add your own .

And let us know what you think! What is going on for you?

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6 Responses to “Making the big change – stories from the front”

  1. Joseph Bernard Says:

    Life at any time offers us challenges. Either we play it safe, stay within our comfort zone and avoid the fear that lingers or we are willing to take risks, live with purpose and passion and snub our nose at fear.

    Moment to moment we can live freely and courageously.

    Good stuff happening at this blog.

    I am middle aged person who started blogging and being a social activist and at the same time becoming a more conscious and compassionate human being.


  2. Dave Schoof Says:

    Thanks Joseph! Welcome!

  3. Guy at midlife Says:

    I often hear people say that redundancy was the best thing that happend to them because it pushed them at a time when they were stagnating but didnt have the courage to leave the successfull and well paid job. Thats the problem for many, looking at the pay check, checking it against their outgoings and thinking, “I can’t afford to leave this job and go do something else” .

    If these guys would only give up their (and their family’s) expensive habits and focus on the fact that they only have one life, and its running out, I doubt if most would continue.

    Cheers Dave, nice to have found you.

    My Midlife Thoughts Here.

  4. How Midlife Crisis Story | Self-Esteem Low? Depression Getting You Down? Infidelity Leading You To Divorce? You Might Be In Your Midlife Crisis! Says:

    […] I have been inspired to write when I noticed Dave Schoof’s article ‘Making the big change – stories from the front’ . Here is a brief summary to start things off. When its my turn to talk about me, it can feel overwhelming to bring up all the details and what exactly happend, so I’m hoping to start with a summary and add to this series by adding in detail when I can .. or feel like it! […]

  5. senior999 Says:

    hi new to this whole idea but have a lot of nagging doubts why not just downsize to a very simple life? who really needs so much stuff i bet most on a good salary at 50 years of age could survive on alot less but have an inbuilt need to keep providing things for dependendants who can provide perfectly well for themselves but we are still hunter gatherers and must bring home the bacon or new car house extension etc its time to start thinking about people who really need your time like yourself!!

  6. Dave Schoof Says:

    Hi Senior 999. Yes time is the new scarce resource. Thanks for the thoughts.

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