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The Disquiet in Men

Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

Resource roundup for March

Here are some of the best resources out there for helping you work with different aspects of your Disquiet. They cover good stuff for health, the workplace, family, inspiration. As a fun bonus, I added a cool guy thing that actually has serious functionality. Enjoy!!!!

Brain Health and Stress Management:

To start, LifeTwo has a fascinating article on the latest research findings about what is and what isn’t happening to our brains as we age (we don’t actually lose brain cells!). They include tips on how to keep it as healthy as possible: The Science of Brain Aging.

To build on this, recent studies confirm that working out is critical for brain health. Boomer Chronicles has some excellent articles around brain health.

And another piece of wisdom from LifeTwo is about how helpful meditations for stress. I would go further and maintain that meditation in different forms is a key practice to have in your toolbox for navigating your Disquiet. I will be writing more about that. In the meantime, read this: Stressed? Meditate on it

Here are some interesting and innovative ideas about working with fear from Creating Passionate Users. I like this article because it supports the key element of working with your Disquiet by engaging it instead of trying to suppress or move away from it.

The Workplace

Fast Company answers the question: How do you leverage the things you’ve done in the past for what you want to do in the future? in the Secret to Reinventing Yourself . This is important when making a career change or positioning yourself for a promotion – and its often a struggle for many.

Lifehack shares tips on how to find a good mentor. This is key to professional AND personal success. I always encourage my clients to find and maintain several mentors for support at work and in their personal lives. Think of it as your personal corporate board.

Conflict is good! Yes, that’s right! We see so much written about how to resolve conflict, we get the idea it is all bad and are quick to squash it immediately. It isn’t all bad. Conflict managed correctly is a powerful source of innovation. It is the antidote to group think and repeating history. I worry about groups that work quickly to dispel disagreement and different viewpoints. It can be very dangerous. Dr Tammy Lenski provides additional benefits in her great article How to Appreciate Workplace Conflict. As with many things, the key is working with it skillfully. When its not managed right, then you have to go into resolution efforts. A healthy workplace (and relationship) has conflict and knows how to harness its benefits.


“Studies show that routines, rituals, and traditions are good for people’s physical and mental well-being. They help make life seem predictable, under control, and meaningful, and they provide family cohesiveness and predictability, which people-especially children-crave.” Learn more from this article from The Happiness Project.


A creed to live by from Enhance Life and the simplest prayer from Balanced Life Center

Cool guy stuff

I couldn’t resist. Blame it in my love of TV shows like MacGyver, Wild Wild West and The Man from Uncle. Here is how you can build a 10 day survival kit for under $25! Thanks Life Hacker!

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  1. Meet Dave Schoof Author of Disquiet in Men at Google SEO, Successful Blogging, Online Marketing Says:

    I found Dave Schoof after I discovered that he was a client of Dawud Miracle. Here is a list of Dave Schoof’s most recent articles I found on his site. Some pretty good reads and with such a level of knowledge and experience, this is a site that I can’t pass up.

  2. Tammy Says:

    Dave, thanks for including my article in your roundup…and for your support of the idea that conflict ain’t all bad! Best to you,


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