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Helping men who feel something missing in their lives

Change your breath change your mind

A modern discussion of ancient prana breath techniques.  They are very good for changing moods, energizing, jet lag and the doldrums.  These two exercises may seem a little strange but they are very powerful and very portable!

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6 Responses to “Change your breath change your mind”

  1. Jake Rhodes Says:

    This is a great technique that I’ve used in the past, in fact I used it only last night! I was playing poker with a few friends and I made a bluff for all my chips. I breathed in a slow, relaxed manner and my friend folded. After the game he told me he had folded because I seemed so confident and relaxed which made him think I had the best hand.

  2. Vicente de la Fuente Says:

    This is a little bit weird kind of breathing technique. Breath is the source of life. This is the basic reason why ancient Yogis developed different Breathing Techniques, from Basic Pranayama to Advanced Breathing Techniques. This technique was designed to allow the free flow of energy in the body and to purify the body’s energy channels called nadis. This also ensures that every cell in the body receives oxygen and nutrients. Try this..very cool and relaxing!

  3. jonathanfigaro Says:

    This is a great technique. Its relation to positive thinking is so astounding. In positive thinking your must be calm , relaxed and have confidence, in your mental thoughts. Same as this technique. You must be calm and relaxed….in order to fully feel the results from this breathing exercise.

    Any thoughts?

  4. Niluka Weerasinghe Says:

    Good technique.
    i have practiced this. i use to see the world in a various angle.for good work done this will help seriously.


  5. Lilian Saum Says:

    Hi !

    Meditation with breathing techniques is one of the easiest to begin with and best in helping you with relaxation and feeling good.


  6. Liem Says:

    Great information. The breathing can change the movement of the mind. If we breath slowly and the mind will get calm.

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